RSPCA Cupcake Day

Monday the 16th August was RSPCA Cupcake day.  People all over Australia were encouraged to bake delicious cupcakes and sell them with all takings going to this fantastic organisation.  So of course I had to get involved, especially since the RSPCA is my number one charity.

Wanting to do something a little special I googled for ideas and found these  little piggies  on the RSPCA cupcake website and pupcakes from a blog called rasperri cupcakes which includes all the steps on how to make them – how easy.  I thought were sooo cute that I had to try making both of them and this is how they turned out…

To make the cupcakes I started with my favorite cupcake and icing recipes from Women’s Weekly

I made the up the decorations for the piggie cakes following the photo from the web.  Added rose colored food dye to the icing and used mostly pink marshmallows for the nose and ears, until I ran out and had to use apricot ones (see below)! I sliced musk sticks to top off the nose and chopped up licorice for the eyes.

For the pup cakes I followed the instructions on raspberri cupcakes, however I used smarties for the eyes instead of choc chips, I added ears (half a marshmallow like the pigs) and instead of fairy floss (where do you buy that stuff??) I used shredded coconut.

Making these cupcakes was a lot of fun and made me feel good that I was contributing to this fantastic organisation, however they did take a long time to decorate, so I won’t be doing them again any time soon (well, at least for a year, until cupcake day next year!)

And they tasted deeeelicious!


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2 responses to “RSPCA Cupcake Day

  1. Holly

    Caroline they look awesome! The puppies tongues look so funny! I am definately going to try them.

    Loving your blog, I made the low fat choc-brownies for all our receptionists, big hit!

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