Keep your energy and metabolism firing all day…

With my delicious alternatives to the usual snacks of fruit, yoghurt, nuts or those pre-packaged snacks with added preservatives, artificial additives and other ‘nasties’!

My name is Caroline, I am a self-confessed compulsive cook, dietitian and keen snacker.  Welcome to my blog all about snacking.  As I explore and cook interesting snacks I will share these with you.  Most will be ‘healthier’ every day snacks, however there will be the occassional ‘sometimes’ snack as I enjoy balance with my eating and do not believe in denial.

My snacks will be quick and easy to make with the everyday cook in mind (no Masterchefs needed!).  Most of all I want to open your mind to the enourmous tasty options out there which can help you to snack better.  All you need is a little foreward planning and preparation time.

I hope you enjoy my snacking experiences and recipes and please feel free to leave a comment.

Happy Snacking 🙂

2 responses to “About…

  1. Sharen

    Hi Caroline
    Good to see you’ve been cooking again! Our life’s been pretty flat out too lately and we just got home from a weekend spent down the race track instead of at the market stocking the cupboards! So I’ll be up to the shops in a jiffy to grab the ingredients for your cauli soup and the Japanese Pancakes – we have these all the time at work, we buy them from the shop downstairs. It never crossed my mind I could wizz them up at home and heat them through at work for lunch – I reckon the sandwich toaster will do a great job of that! So thanks heaps again for your simple but inspiring ideas!

  2. Hi Caroline

    Great collection of recipes – looking forward to trying some.

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